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The junior middle school girl students were nude photos of force

Southeast Network- Straits Metropolitan News April 5th dispatch ( reporter Tang Xianzeng Xie Wanchun correspondent ) girl Lee under the age of 14 ,christian louboutin uk,is a Minhou middle school students .Because of the growth of men are superior to women in a family at home ,Louboutin Shoes,usually by a lot of grievance, delicious good to wear all fail to get her first pick ,to buy their own things and no money ,some will inevitably be cynical .
Lee and his sisters ,a communication is quite good ,GUI Mou know Lee at home ,more money wronged .The last 5 earlier in theday ,in a social layabout boyfriend Lee XXX ,let GUI Mou introduces several classmates to give him ,ready to take Fuzhou to a leisure hut prostitution to earn money .
GUI MOU will told Lee ,and told her a month can have several million dollars ,so that you can buy something you like .But Lee after listening to feel bad, he refused .See Lee refused ,GUI Mou worried about being her boyfriend Li Mou blame ,more afraid of breaking up with him ,then iron the heart off Lee .
GUI Mou while Lee in the school toilet changing clothes, took half of her nude .Later, laurel and Li Mou took half nude threat Lee ,said to be looking for someone to beat her ,and keep her nude photos sent to the web .
Lee had to promise .GUI Mou and Li Mou also follow suit cheated to another Minhou School of the first girls Gu mou .May 15th afternoon ,in the laurel and Li Mou some lead, Li Gu Mou to Fuzhou a leisure hut boss zhang .
The next day, Lee was a middle-aged man to a hotel room .In just two days, Lee will pick 12 times.In late May 18th 10after,christian louboutin shoes,Zhang et al with Lee in a KTV sing East street .After returning home ,Zhang and Li had a sexual relationship, by Lee refused ,Zhang gave her two slaps ,forced to have sex .
A few days later, Zhang in the same way forced a sexual relationship with her .Late on May 20th ,Zhang et al in a certain area of Fuzhou is captured by the police ,at the same time ,Gu Mou ,Christian Louboutin Pas cher,Li Mou were rescued by the police .
In May 22nd ,Li Mou ,Zhang was transferred to the district police and detained .At present, Zhang and Li Mou because of suspected of luring ,sheltering ,crime of introducing prostitution was District procuratorate filed a lawsuit .
To share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended today micro-blog hot in the spy game play latent plays Sheng Xiang actor Ji Siguang ,recently by Heilongjiang police in Qigihar city found to be 1998 Gangpolice robbery fugitive ,has been on the run for 13 years.
On December 7, 2011, Yoshisi Hikaru was arrested .In January 10, 2012, Qigihar Tiefeng District procuratorate to robbery approved the arrest of suspect Ji Siguang .December 6, 1998 at 7 pm,Heilongjiang province Qigihar City Public Security Bureau Tiefeng Branch of the Public Security Bureau police and his wife Yang Lin was walking in the street ,suddenly darted 4 shadowsbehind him ,don ,or you ! !Yang Lin shouted ,but Yang Lin interrupted ,chest ,back were punctured two knives ,fell to the ground .
Subsequently, the act recklessly and care for nobody to frisk ,will Yang Lin belongings ransacked ,will Yang Lin waist type seven seven pistol .Yang Lin was diagnosed with spinal nerve ,after identification of seriously injured ,eight steps of disability ,falls in lifelong disability .
Qigihar City Public Security Bureau ,Public Security Bureau Tiefeng by extensive investigation ,quickly locked the suspect ,and at 5 months after the suspect Wei Changjiang capture .Wei Changjiang quickly confessed the ganged up on Liu Xianpeng ,Li Ming ,Yoshisi Hikaru stabbed police ,rob ,hiding the facts of the crime guns .
Li Ming ,Liu Xianpeng is captured in succession ,the suspect Ji Siguang has been on the run .On 1999, Wei Changjiang was sentenced to life imprisonment ,Li Ming ,Liu Xianpeng was sentenced to death .
The police will at the age of 27 years ,Siguang column for online fugitive pursuit ,and have quite a half Chinese being arrested ,but has been unsuccessful .In the Qing action began, the Qigihar Municipal Public Security Bureau ,Public Security Bureau in the comb over best online after the fugitive ,decided to 1998,12,06police pulled the gun case as a homicide case to investigate, hunt group began feeling a platoon ,visit .
On December 7, 2011, hunt group in Zhejiang province Jinhua city to visit ,Christian Louboutin Ireland,found a northeastern accent, man physical characteristics and fugitive Ji Siguang is very similar to .The police after careful identification ,ultimately determine the man is 13 years,Siguang abscond .
However ,at this time ,Siguang became Zhang Guofeng .The police after the suspects under strict surveillance ,on the same day in Jinhua city to Ji Siguang suspect arrested .According to the
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Students are suspected of stealing the dormitory r

The newspaper news (reporter Wang Jinjin Kang Jin correspondent month flat) for a missing tiles,christian louboutin uk,Christian Louboutin Pas cher, bedroom with two roommates and then become enemies with each other, 22 year-old Zhang pencil knife roommate Li Jie (a pseudonym) with death.
Reporter was informed yesterday, because be suspected of the crime of intentional injury, Zhang has been the two seven District People's Procuratorate approved the arrest.On the evening of February 21st, a Zhengzhou School of 2010 students in Li Jie and several classmates after class back to the dormitory, few people discuss playing mahjong, rented the mahjong table has found a small piece of.
Li Jie from the roommate population, Zhang was alone in the dormitory roommate.Immediately, Li Jie calls asking zhang."I didn't take the mahjong!"Zhang in the call clear, himself did not take mahjong.After a few minutes, Zhang back to the dormitory.
Li Jie and Zhang met two people quarrel, fight, Zhang with a pencil knife in Li Jie's abdomen and left chest.Although the hospital a few hours of the rescue, Li Jie eventually after being punctured heart leads to acute hemorrhagic shock death.
It is understood, tragedy,Louboutin Ireland,Louboutin Pas cher, in the students of middle caused no small shock.Everyone in the lament, mourn the loss of students at the same time, also began to reflect as adults behavior way.Contractors of the prosecutor in the case, students from adolescence to adult transition stage, schools,louboutin pas cher, parents and the community to increase the students' psychological guidance,Louboutin Shoes, avoid them in the solution of some problems of extreme behavior.
To share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended | micro-blog hot today (Editor: SN047) Wang Mou is suspected of the crime of intentional homicide, recently was to arrest the new bulletin news reporter Huang Qiong correspondent Lu Dongnian Wei Huasheng reported only by grandmother scold, flower season young girl in a rage to kill it, his wrists after attempted Dutch act,Christian Louboutin Ireland,Louboutin Ireland,.
Home 50000 yuan in cash and set fire to the house, the house door locked fled the scene, nearly paralyzed grandpa burning flames trapped.A few days ago, the human tragedy makers girl Wang on suspicion of intentional homicide, were Huadu District Procuratorate approved the arrests.
Dissatisfaction with Grandma about homicide investigation, Wang Mou is only 15 years old this year, is a junior high school students in the third grade, divorced parents, each have a family, Wang was with grandpa and grandma lives in the countryside.
This year in January 28th 18 when make, after dinner, my grandmother also started to nag, scold Wang did not work,louboutin, the two men quarreled.She was angry, for Wang cursed with play, King ran him to the ground, grandma fell crying for help, Wang took a towel to cover their mouth.
.....But Grandma struggle to stop them,Christian Louboutin Outlet, the king would hold a glass bottle to the head knocking, and clothes bag on its head to its abuse......Soon, Wang to see grandma does not move, scared, then cut a wrist Dutch act, but the attempt.
The mind is very confused. Wang is very regret, thought should not kill grandma, blame themselves too impulsive.Thereafter, Wang go to grandma's room opened the closet to find out a lot of money, I go to the kitchen to hold some grasses, with a cigarette lighter to burn money and wardrobe.
The fire had burned, Wang was afraid, and into the well played several barrels of water will pour out the fire, but there is still a great smoky.Wang was the remaining 56220 yuan in cash and other items after installed, will house two gates and the living room door is locked, and then on to the top of the tower, from the top of the building directly across to a neighbour's house building to escape the scene.
The spirit of no abnormal luckily neighbors find fire in time, and the kick to open the door, Wang grandpa saved.The village after the warning, police and firefighters rushed to the disposal site, the fire can be extinguished.
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Two street car chase you innocent couple banging i

Xu Jiaxin in the intensive care unit .This internship reporter Dong Sai was a runaway vehicle to the roadside parking ,a pair of young couples who are ready to take a bus .Two cars because of disputes in Chaoyang District Yaojieyuan road are not squeeze, crashed out of control, crashed into a parked car Hyundai elantra .
The Elantra car owners are a pair of newlyweds ,was ready to get on the train to leave ,the encounter unexpected trouble ,he could face the amputation of both legs ;the two broken legs ,seriously .
Yesterday morning, the innocent couple once again received the Dunning notice ,showing the amount of 250000 yuan ,face at present and later the high medical expenses, the couple feel helpless .
At present, Chaoyang traffic detachment is handling the case .- scene two don squeeze out of control accident accident place is located in Chaoyang District with Yao home road and sweet water garden street intersection 150 meters west.
Yesterday morning, the ground still has blood ,after vehicle impact debris left behind is not clean .According to the nearby parking manager introduction, this month 1 days of evening eight fifty ,a couple walking to a stop on the road on the north side of on-street parking spaces ,to prepare a Elantra ,then head toward the west, he opened the car left rear door ,put the bag in the back seat ,his wife in a parking space in the side waiting to board a train .
At this point, the rear suddenly jumped out from a Chevrolet sedan and a MAGOTAN car ,speed very quickly .Chevrolet after overtaking you round hard on MAGOTAN ,two car Peng a crash together after getting out of ,to the Hyundai elantra .
Parking manager says ,accident happened very suddenly ,two people will be caught off guard ,her legs after being hit in the gap between the card in the two car ,the Elantra was shift ,hit the wife legs ,stuck in the car and a half meter border between .
The next to a site ,the site more than security also saw the accident ,MAGOTAN to run ,can let him go ,we build the past .After the incident ,MAGOTAN drivers out before and after the license plate removed, into the trunk ,then returned to the car to start the vehicle ,the results being stopped .
The police and 120 emergency personnelrushed to the couple ,and was admitted to the hospital ,the driver was taken to investigate .The young couple - legs were injured couples currently in treatment of fractures of General Hospital of Beijing Military Region .
Yesterday noon ,in inpatient department of orthopedics three district unit be still suffering from the shock ,wife of Li .Talking about the unexpected trouble ,Li lying in bed crying .She said ,she and husband Xu Jiaxin were 29 years of age,work in the same company ,the two together out of the company ,Louboutin Ireland,prepare to drive home ,the result of suffering, I saw her husband .
Li was not immediately feel pain ,but his feet numb ,louboutin pas cher,but still able to walk .She rounded front fell on the ground of her husband, I was just repeating called a word , you don sleep is a husband ,at the time, her eyes closed ,was unconscious ,until an ambulance arrived at .
Xu Jiaxin in the ICU receive treatment ,not an interview .According to doctors ,a mechanical legs comminuted fracture ,avulsion injury of right leg ,is still in the phase leg ,will not rule out the amputation ;Li left fibula fractures ,Christian Louboutin Pas cher,ligament ,meniscus injury in his right leg broken ,heavier ,requiring hospitalization and 3 months of treatment .
At present, Xu Jiaxin has a 4 operation,and a total cost of 220000 yuan ,which part of the hospital to advance .Facing the higher medical expenses ,Li said :I want to leave, take my treatment fee is used on her husband .
Lee ,said ,after the incident ,MAGOTAN car driver Lu sent 50000 yuan of money,since no control ,the phone is not received .Chevrolet driver beam a sends 80000 yuan,her parents are farmers ,it is very difficult to come up with the money .
On the drive after a rivalry dispute - yesterday afternoon ,christian louboutin uk,a sister visits to hospital consultation related issues .She says to the reporter ,accident by also from February this year .
At that time, she raised her tactic dog litter ,with 1000 multivariate the price will be sold to Wu .Late on March 1st ,Wu call she said something consulting .She went downstairs and Wu meeting, on a MAGOTAN car .
A sister said: the driver surnamed Lu ,and Wu is a friend .They told me to sell their dog is ill, said to carry me away .She saw the door locked and ready to open ,some fear, panic dialed sister a telephone ,and shouted for help .
My sister was in the vicinity of ,know her on MAGOTAN car ,so to hear a call for help ,immediately run to drive ,started chasing MAGOTAN car ,and the police .According to Liang Mou, MAGOTAN car into the 3 red light,she repeatedly asked her parking .
About 5 minutes later ,two dealers to Yaojieyuan road and sweet water garden street intersection 150 meters west ofthe forward acceleration ,she attempts to force the other side line ,want to stop ,the results hit together .
Liang Mou says frankly oneself responsible ,she says she has to borrow money ,are still unable to bear huge medical bills .They think ,although with Wu disputes ,but the car is Lu ,they tried several times and Lu communication ,but the other party does not answer the phone .
The reporter tried to call Lu ,but received no answer .The vehicle license plate system - claim for fear of hair micro-blog come day after day ,Li Ms. Stone has been seized of the matter .
She has worked with Lu ditch through each other ,commissioned a group calling itself the lawyer men to negotiation ,Christian Louboutin Outlet,and that still waiting for the traffic police responsibility ,in accordance with the liability for compensation ,the current will not pay for other expenses .
Yesterday, Chaoyang District, police station ,the night did receive kidnapping alarm ,but according to the survey ,case does not constitute a crime ,suggested that the two sides through the courts .
According to the Chaoyang District Hu Jialou battalion of the traffic police in handling cases ,the area to monitor the probe,louboutin pas cher, but the shooting effect fuzzy ,currently responsible party decides basically already ,but the temporary inconvenience discloses .
The two victims of the disability appraisal is not obtained ,the responsibility to recognize the book will be given to the parties at the end of the month .The traffic policeman emphasizes ,the two drivers were not drinking ,not drinking and driving, and no escape phenomenon .
The extraction plate incident, traffic police have been on MAGOTAN car for verification ,the procedures complete, he ( Lu ) give us is afraid of human hair micro-blog ,giving him trouble ,so put the license plate extraction .
□ closeupoperation indoor couples through the summer of 2008 ,like Li and Xu Jiaxin riding in an amateur cycling acquaintance .Two people fall in love at first sight .The summer of 2010 ,they received a marriage certificate .
At the time, Li was a sales import bike foreign work ,treatment is favorable .Soon after ,Xu Jiaxin also to the company position ,through layers of screening ,get the job .After hard work ,Xu Jiaxin became the company manager .
Two people not only deep feelings ,have a common hobby ,and life ,adding nearly thirty thousand yuan monthly salary .They have booked in 4 earlywedding photographs ,wedding reception at the end of 10 ,but these plans due to the accident had to change .
According to the hospital emergency room nurse recalls ,the night of the incident ,the couple are together into the operation room ,husband semi-conscious, his wife still awake, her head is always lateral husband ,left a few times out, trying to catch her husband ,the doctor out of operation need to time discouraged .
The man was very dangerous ,continue the transfusions !When his wife heard the doctor was disturbed ,christian louboutin shoes,resolutely shouted :don save me ,to save my husband .Moving one act to nurses .In the operation room to spend 3 hours later,a mechanical recovery of consciousness ,when he saw his legs when the emotional .
Li comfort love said ,you what ,I take care of you a lifetime ... ... Reporter Han Dapeng intern reporter Liu Shixin the drawing he will share to :welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog recommended today micro-blog hot Xiaogan renal event is the rumor rumors young man detained for 5 days the newspaper news ( reporter Gao Daofei correspondent Chen Wei &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ) ;dig renal gangs rampant ,the people of Xiaogan anger restless -- 15,Xiaogan forum for the emergence of post, once let the local people jittery .
Yesterday from the city of Xiaogan police was informed ,dig kidney it is sheer fiction. incident ,Chen has been posted 5daysdetention .&nbsp ;net of Xiaogan City Public Security Bureau security detachment of the bulletin says ,in May 15th, an article entitled dig renal gangs rampant ,Xiaogan people anger at ease the post appears in a Xiaogan forum .
The note said :recently Xiaogan emerged repeatedly digging kidney case ,earlier is the assembly of the piece, a 19 year old boy victimization ,existing some Internet bar ,sports field ,a few train station .
They will renal poach ,then reselling profiting from .All the people tremble with terror ,anger at ease .&nbsp ;the city public security bureau network security detachment immediately according to the investigation found no rumors ,Louboutin Shoes,rumors of events and similar events occur ,the public security department also did not receive relevant report .
Subsequently, the police investigation, determine the post man chen .On the afternoon of 18 ,Chen was summoned in accordance with the law to the Municipal Bureau of public security network security detachment .
After review ,Chen ,louboutin,Louboutin Pas cher,male, unemployed ,21 years old this year.The police in the fictional facts disturb public order ,on the line in 5 days.To share: welcome to comment I want to comment micro-blog
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